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Rhagae Uprising Against Caliphates

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July, 25, 645 A.D.:
Rhagae Uprising Against Caliphates

By: Mir M.Hosseini

A couple of months after Osman became the third Caliph, citizens of Rhagae staged an uprising against the Arab invaders. This uprising was suppressed by deployed Caliphate troops. Later the same year citizens in Northwest Iran staged similar uprisings that were suppressed similarly. A while later Estakhr revolted and pushed back invaders for some time but fell again. Estakhr revolted many times against invaders until it was destroyed. Meanwhile Yazdgerd 3 was still alive fighting in Khorasan. Mazandaran was the only province which could not be conquered by Caliphates. Many of Mazandaran Persian migrated to India where they found freedom of religion. The invading Caliph army forgot promises and Islam's teachings soon and began a policy of discrimination and extermination against non-Muslim residents. Even citizens who accepted Islam were not treated equally. Centuries later, Mazandaran residents only accepted Shiite Islam and did not accept the central Caliph rule calling them immoral, corrupt and wanton.

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