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Separatist Kumeleh Leaders Executed

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March, 30, 1947 A.D.:
Separatist Kumeleh Leaders Executed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Gazi Mohammad, the leader of the Kumeleh party who had secured support from Soviet Unions declared independence in the city of Mahabad on Jan, 22, 1946. Mustafa Barzani and hundreds of Peshmarge forces had entered from Iraq border and were actually leading the military operation for the separatists. On Dec, 24, 1945, in a meeting with the Russian consulate and a high ranking Soviet official in Tabriz, necessary arrangements had been made. Despite Soviets' obligations after the end of the WWII, Stalin was unwilling to draw forces from some parts of Iran. After Iran's complaint with the UN security council, international pressure started on USSR to withdraw. Meanwhile local citizens had taken the affairs into their own hands and were fighting with the separatist groups and 3 days after Iran's army crushed a similar group called Pishevari in Tabriz, most of separatist leaders escaped and Mahabad was taken back on Dec, 15, 1946. After a trial, Kumeleh leaders were executed in Mahabad's main square on March, 30, 1947. Mustafa Barzani escaped to Soviet Union and stayed there for more than ten years.

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