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First Iranian Parliament Is Born

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August, 17, 1906 A.D.:
First Iranian Parliament Is Born

By: Mir M.Hosseini

By a decree from Mozaffaroddin Shah Qajar, an interim parliament is convened in Tehran to prepare the regulations of parliament elections, hence the first election law was approved on Sep, 9 and the first Iranian parliament was inaugurated on Oct, 7 same year. Mozaffaroddin Shah signed the decree of Constitutional Monarchy on Aug, 5, 1906, thus marking the victory of the movement.
According to the law, the number of representatives was 156 and their term was limited to two years. With a quota of 60 representatives from Tehran and 96 from other cities, first elections were not completely based on general public vote and the first Majlis was rather elected by elites and unions. Some other highlights are : Minimum age requirement for voters was 25, and landlords should present proof of ownership of a property of at least 1000 Tomans of value, while women could not vote.
Two statues of lions were installed at the gate of the parliament. Lion, the sword and the sun, each represent the king, people, and Iran. These statues were removed and broken into pieces after the regime change of 1979 when commonsense was somehow lost. 30 years later, on Aug, 7, 2008 the lions were installed back again silently. The statues were repaired and the sun, missing! The following Tuesday the lions disappeared again!

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