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Mauser Becomes Iran's Rifle

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January, 27, 1930 A.D.:
Mauser Becomes Iran's Rifle

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After months of inspection and evaluating the results of the tests on different models of rifles that were used in the Iranian army for years, Reza Shah chose German make Mauser as the standard rifle. The original model on which tests were made had been manufactured in 1924.
Gradually Mauser took the place of Russian made rifles. After the original Mauser factory was moved to a city named Brno in Czechoslovakia, Iran continued purchasing same rifles now called Berno. In 1940 Iran started manufacturing rifles in Doshan Tappeh. In late 1950's U.S-made semi-automatic M-1 rifles were purchased. In 1970's Iranian army preferred German G-3 and used it widely in the army, and later shifted towards Russian made Kalashnikov assault rifles.
Because of its elegance and beauty, Berno is still used as a ceremonial rifle.

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