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Great Iranian Uprising

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July, 21, 1952 A.D.:
Great Iranian Uprising

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The great Iranian uprising is one of the peaks of the Iranian history. Prime Minister Mosaddegh resigned from his job as a formality on July, 8 with inauguration of the 17th parliament term, but before accepting duty again, Mosaddegh wanted to secure more authorities so that he could act freely in the fight against British colonists. In a meeting on July, 25th Mohammad Reza Shah turned him down on giving him the powers such as appointing the minister of war, Mosaddegh resigned and Ghavamossaltaneh was presented to Majlis as the new Prime Minister on July, 18, 1952. As Ghavamossaltaneh's statement of harsh measures and punishments against dissidents was announced on the state radio on Friday July, 27th tensions went high between state and people.
National and religious leaders called for resistance against the martial law and soon factories and offices were closed and people poured into the streets on July, 21st. Violent clashes between people and armed forces left many killed and injured but led to Shah's stepping back and dismissing Ghavamossaltaneh after 4 days as Prime Minister. Mosaddegh was reassigned as prime minister followed by a major blow to the British as the international courts refused their cases against Iran's government thus leading to Nationalization of Oil industry in Iran.
This marked the end of Ghavamossaltaneh's political life. He was dismissed and Majlis approved a bill confiscating his properties. He lived in hiding for almost one year as he was aware that the tensions he had created could easily cost him his life. After the coup in Aug, 1953, charges against Ghavamossaltaneh were dropped. He lived for two more years and died on July, 23, 1955.

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