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Samanian Nuh Dies

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May, 17, 954 A.D.:
Samanian Nuh Dies

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Nuh 1st, the son of Nasr 2nd of Samanian Dynasty died after 12 years of reign. Nuh ascended the throne after a coup against his father Nasr and throwing him in prison. Another narration says that Nuh came to power after preventing a revolt against his father in 943. His father who had become king at the age of 8 died in captivity leading to speculations that his own son Nuh ordered his killing.
In the fifth year of his reign his chief commander Abuali revolted against him and killed his Vezir. Nuh then preferred to assign Ghazneh Turks as his royal guard. After his reign, his son chose Alptekin as his Vezir thus gradually creating grounds for creation of Ghaznavi dynasty.
Amir Nuh Samani died on May, 17, 954. He was succeeded by his son AbdolMalek 1st.

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