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Hystaspes Defeats Parthian rebels

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March, 8, 521 B.C.:
Hystaspes Defeats Parthian rebels

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The army of Dariush the Great was made up of Median troops, thus they were not likely to attack their homeland. This was to the advantage of Phraortes the Parthian rebel king, who had captured the important city of Ecbatana in Dec, 522 B.C. The rebellion spread to the north to Armenia, to the west to Assyria and to the east to Sagartia and Parthia.
But a garrison commanded by Hystaspes, the Satrap of Parthia, also Dariush' father still held out in Parthia.
The rebel Parthian army and their allies, the Hyrcanians, attacked the Persian garrison, but they were defeated in the city of Vishpauzatish on March, 8 521 B.C. 6,346 Parthians were killed and 4,346 taken captive. Hystaspes not only repelled his enemies, but also started chasing them.
Hystaspes could always charge Phraortes from the rear with surprise attacks and skirmishes which slowed down Phraortes from attacking Dariush who was building a new army.
On May, 8th Dariush attacked Phraortes from the west and defeated him in Kunduru. After his victory, Parthia was pacified again. Dariush took Ecbatana and Phraortes fled to Parthia hoping to find support.
Hystaspes received reinforcements from Rhagae and his army engaged the Parthians near the Parthian town of Patigrabana on July, 11, 521 and struck a victory. Phraortes fled again but he was caught at Rhagae and was sent to Dariush. Dariush mutilated him and had him crucified at Ecbatana.
Hystaspes remained a great aid to his son: When Dariush visited Egypt and led an expedition to Scythia; Hystaspes stayed in Persia as regent.

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