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Iran Iraq Forces Clash At Mehran Border

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February, 10, 1974 A.D.:
Iran Iraq Forces Clash At Mehran Border

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After Iran forces seized the triplet islands in 1971, Iraq military movements accelerated at the borderline and sporadic confrontations between the armed forces of the two countries began. These clashes were mostly attributed to the military cooperation agreement between Iran and USSR, as a muscle flexing arena for east and west. However Feb, 10, 1974 was the scene of heavy artillery exchanges at Mehran. The date was marked as the bloody Sunday. Iraq quickly submitted a complaint with the UN, claiming that Iran had seized 5 km/sq of its soil and was planning a general attack on Iraq. Iran invited UN representatives to inspect the region of dispute. On Feb, 28, the UN security council sent envoys to the region to investigate the issue. Finally, with the UNSC draft #348, a ceasefire was decided on March, 7 and was fully implemented the following day. On Jan, 16, 1975, committees from both countries met in Istanbul where negotiations took place for four days without reaching an agreement.

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