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Vaumisa Suppressed Armenian Rebellion

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December, 31, 522 B.C.:
Vaumisa Suppressed Armenian Rebellion

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After Dariush proclaimed king, revolts began in every corner of the Persian Empire; the most important of which was the revolt of Median king Phraortes whose rebellion spread to Parthia and Armenia. Persian general Vaumisa was appointed as the commander of one of the two armies to suppress the Armenian revolt. Dadarshi commanded the other army and was ordered to move along Euphrates in order to secure passages to Syria and Lydia.
Considering the size of the Persian Empire, that stretched from Greece to India, great logistics and strategy was involved in order to maintain the order while so many revolts took place almost simultaneously. Vaumisa advanced along the Zab River towards Armenia and on Dec, 31, 522 B.C. in a battle near Arbela dispersed the revolting army after killing about 2000 units. But instead of chasing the fleeing rebels he secured his position until Dariush's army eradicated Phraortes. After that he won his second victory on June, 11, 521 killing 2000 and taking 1500 prisoner and as the remaining rebels descended south Dadarshi confronted them; thus putting an end to the revolt.

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