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Prince Of Persia Marries Egyptian Fawzia

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March, 15, 1939 A.D.:
Prince Of Persia Marries Egyptian Fawzia

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was the crown prince at the time married princess Fouziyeh, the daughter of king Fuad of Egypt. Because the Pahlavi family did not have a noble origin, this marriage was mostly aimed to bring some royal blood to the family. The crown prince departed for Egypt on Feb, 24, 1939. After a road trip to Baghdad, then Damascus and Beirut, and a sea journey that ended in Alexandria on March, 3, Mohammad Reza took the train towards Cairo. On March 15 the wedding ceremony took place in Abdin Palace. A similar ceremony was celebrated in Gulistan Palace in Tehran in April. Somehow the marriage did not go as planned and secret love affairs and scandals surfaced. In such a conservative society as Iran, this was unacceptable. After Fouziyeh gave birth to a girl named Shahnaz, things got more complicated because a boy was expected as the heir of the throne. The relations of the two became worse each day until Fouziyeh left for Egypt in 1947 and never came back again. Their divorce finalized on Oct, 16, 1948. One year later, Fouziyeh married an Egyptian officer. After Egypt became a republic, her belongings were confiscated and she started living a simple life in Cairo. Born on Nov, 6, 1921, the once beautiful queen of Iran is now in her late 80's. To honor her, a square in Tehran was named after her but it was renamed after the revolution in 1979.

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