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Vosooghoddoleh Dies

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January, 25, 1951 A.D.:
Vosooghoddoleh Dies

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Hossein Vosoogh or Vosooghoddoleh was the elder brother of Ghavamossaltaneh who became representative of Tehran for the first term of parliament in 1906. He later became minister of justice, then minister of foreign affairs before being appointed prime minister by Ahmad Shah. After resignation in May 1917, he served as minister of science for a short time and was chosen as prime minister again in 1918. He became known as Anglophile, when he was bribed to sign Anglo-Persian oil agreement in 1919 for which he was later forced to resign.
After the coup of Reza Shah, he was forced to pay back some of the money he took from the British.
Although he paid back some of the money he had taken from the British, for the rest of his life, he lived in disgrace and his name was associated with treason as an Anglophile overshadowing all his good qualities. On Jan, 25, 1951 he died at the age of 78 in Tehran and was buried in Qom.

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