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Russians Bombard Iranian Parliament

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June, 23, 1908 A.D.:
Russians Bombard Iranian Parliament

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Russian cannons bombard the national parliament of Iran. After the death of Mozaffaroddin Shah, his son Mohammad Ali Shah started showing teeth to supporters of Constitutional Monarchy Movement. But public uprisings and pressure from dissidents forced him to seek a safe haven at the Russian embassy. Kazak soldiers headed by colonel Liakhoff bombarded the parliament killing many representatives, reporters and dissidents. This event was the start of a period called the Minor Tyranny.
One year later, in July, 1909 the tables turned and the dissidents captured Tehran forcing the Shah to seek help from Russians again. He was escorted by Russian soldiers to Russia. One day after Mohammad Ali Shah left Iran his mother Ommolkhaleghan, a daughter of Amirkabir died on Sep, 30, 1909. Mohammad Ali Shah attempted a military attack to capture Tehran on July, 18, 1911 with the help of his brother Salaroddoleh, but he was defeated and consequently many of his relatives and supporters were dismissed from state duty. Mohammad Ali Shah spent the rest of his life in Europe and died in 1924 in Paris.
Foreign meddling in Iran's internal affairs reached a disgusting level during Qajar Dynasty forcing people to revolt. Qajar kings secured support from prominent clerics and proclaimed religious titles which indeed were fake, probably a foreign invention.

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