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Shah Announces Single Party System

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March, 2, 1975 A.D.:
Shah Announces Single Party System

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mohammad Reza Shah announced single party system throughout the country and all citizens became obliged to become a member of Rastakhiz party. After the fall of Reza Shah's despot regime on Sep, 16, 1941 people hoped that political freedoms will prevail but his son curbed all hopes by establishing a state of terror. To keep up appearances he allowed establishment of two parties which were only tools for deception, yet he suddenly ordered these parties dissolved and created a single party called Rastakhiz. No other political parties or groups were allowed. But this system practically backfired and added to public discomfort that led to the 1979 revolution. Years later Mohammad Reza Shah confessed in his memoires that creation of Rastakhiz was a mistake as it did not reach its goals as planned.

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