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Naser Khosrau's Journey Ends

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October, 23, 1052 A.D.:
Naser Khosrau's Journey Ends

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Naser Khosrau was the Iranian explorer who travelled 19000 kilometers setting off from Marv on March, 6, 1046. He visited cities along the Caspian sea, Mesopotamia, Syria, Egypt and many other places and ended his journey after 7 years on Oct, 23, 1052.
Naser Khosrau was a well known poet and philosopher that gathered his works under Safarnameh that gives the details of his journey throughout the Islamic world. While in Egypt, he accepted a version of Shiite faith. After he started preaching his faith, zealots of Khorasan started to harass him and he was forced to leave for Badakhshan where he completed his works and finished more than 11000 rhymes of poetry. He died in Badakhshan in 1088 at the age of 85.

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