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Ibrahim Mirza Killed

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June, 20, 1576 A.D.:
Ibrahim Mirza Killed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The royal palace in Qazvin became scene of heinous conspiracies of a Safavi princess named Parikhan. She was the daughter of Shah Tahmasp and allegedly killed her own father by poisoning. Then her other brother Ismail Mirza became king. The other brother Heydar Mirza was decapitated.
But their uncle Ibrahim Mirza was against Ismail's reign because of the fact that the king lacked mental balance and had been kept in prison until his father, Shah Tahmasp's death. Ibrahim Mirza was an influential man of culture who was the governor of Khorasan and Herat for some time. His objection of Ismail 2's kingdom cost him his life after Parikhan and his brother plotted to assassinate him. This angered citizens of Khorasan and caused a revolt. Ismail then started eliminating rival princes that could claim the throne one by one.
Parikhan also killed Shah Ismail 2 by poisoning, putting an end to her brother's reign after less than two years. When Mohammad Khodabandeh ascended the throne, his wife Kheyrolnesa saw Parikhan as a threat and killed her on Feb, 27, 1578.

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