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Infamous Turkmenchai Agreement

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February, 22, 1828 A.D.:
Infamous Turkmenchai Agreement

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Iran was the loser of a war with Russia that lasted for two years. Russian generals threatened the Shah with conquering Tehran unless Iran accepted their peace treaty. By Turkmenchai treaty, Iran accepted giving Armenia, Nakhjevan and Talesh khanates to the Russians. Just like the Gulistan treaty Turkmenchai took place by British mediation with Iran's official apology. Also capitulation rights were recognized for Russians while accepting to pay 10 koroor in gold. The Iranian government did not announce this agreement publicly for a long time due to fear from a discontent and uprising. Instead, people were kept busy with superstition and a great effort was made to avoid awareness. Fathali Shah had 158 wives in harem. He was portrayed with long black beard, a narrow waist, extreme indolence, avarice and lack of intelligence.

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