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Last Trip For The Last King

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March, 23, 1980 A.D.:
Last Trip For The Last King

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran fled the country on Jan, 16, 1979 after 37 years of reign during demonstrations and nationwide public uprising. He spent 15 months abroad moving from country to country in hopes of returning as king again. He first went to Aswan in Egypt. Then he went to Morocco on Jan, 22 and stayed there for 67 days. On April, 1, 1979, %98 of Iranian voters chose the Islamic Republic as the new form of government in a referendum therefore putting an end to monarchy. Now he was an unwanted criminal on the loose. He flew to Bahamas on March, 30 and from there he hired a plane to Mexico on June, 10. He went to New York and was admitted to a hospital for cancer treatment on Oct, 22 where he underwent an operation. After the U.S. embassy was seized on Nov, 4th, he was sent to Panama on Dec, 15, 1979 and stayed there for 100 days.
On March, 23, 1980 he went back to Egypt. His last trip to Egypt was due to great pressure on the U.S. and fears of being assassinated. He was bedridden in a military hospital on March, 28 where he died on Friday, July, 27, 1980 and was buried in Cairo. Right after the revolution, his father's tomb in Tehran was bulldozed by a hardliner called Khalkhali.

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