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Shah Ismail Loses The Chaldoran War

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August, 23, 1514 A.D.:
Shah Ismail Loses The Chaldoran War

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Sultan Salim of the Ottomans mobilized an army to attack the new Iranian government headed by Shah Ismail on April, 23, 1514. Sultan Salim had seized power in battles against his brother in 1512. Iran's announcement of Shiite faith as the official religion had raised red flags among Ottomans who called themselves head of the Muslim world and they were afraid of Iranians finding such support in the heart of Anatolia. Moreover Shah Ismail was Turkish and was able to unite many Turkish tribes around the region. Four months later on Aug, 23, 1514, the battle of Chaldoran takes place between forces of Shah Ismail and Yavuz Sultan Salim which was armed with firearms and cannons. Although Shah Ismail's forces reportedly showed legendary bravery but lost this war with heavy casualties.

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