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Iran Declares Neutrality At WWII

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June, 26, 1941 A.D.:
Iran Declares Neutrality At WWII

By: Mir M.Hosseini

5 days after Nazi Germany's invasion into Soviets, Iran declared it's neutrality in the WWII. The Soviet government declared it's satisfaction from this decision. Reza Shah of Iran also asked Germany to evacuate extra citizens from Iran so that there would be no pretext. However, one month later the Soviets and the British troops started their invasion into Iran's soil from several points.
Rashid Ali Gilani 's uprising in Iraq was just suppressed by the British forces on June, 3, 1941. Rashid then fled to Iran together with some Germans who had helped him stage the coup in Baghdad. When intelligence came that he contacted the Italian and German embassies in Tehran, it rang a bell because those Germans living in Russia also had fled to Iran after the war started. As a matter of fact, securing Iraq was a key step for succeeding in occupying Iran.

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