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Iran Regains Independence

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December, 2, 931 A.D.:
Iran Regains Independence

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Iranian forces leaded by Mardaviz Ziari defeated Abbasi forces near Isfahan, then entered the city and called Isfahan the capital of all of Iran. In a series of battles Arab Abbasi forces were crushed in Kashan, Hamedan and other central Iran cities. In a speech Mardaviz made for people, he pointed out the importance of speaking Farsi and keeping alive Iranian traditions. He pardonned everyone who had cooperated with the caliph and Arab rulers but underlined also that repeating any such action would be punished severely. He asked people to get rid of fear and lies that had been cause for all misfortune. Mardaviz was a real nationalist but was not ambitious for power. He was assassinated in 935 by foreign spies.

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