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Political Police Organization Founded

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April, 6, 1931 A.D.:
Political Police Organization Founded

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mohammad Hossein Ayrom founded the political unit within the police organization. This was the first time such an entity was formed in Iran. Ayrom, a Baku born Kazak officer was familiar with Russian and German secret services. Later on, the methods used in Iran's political police organization became based on Gestapo, the German secret police during the Nazi regime created in 1933. The unit soon started gathering secretly all kinds of information about political figures, reporters, writers, and intellectuals. This method of collection of information later became the basis for the notorious SAVAK. It's believed that the unit had a role in kidnapping and murdering of dissidents. The files gathered by the political police are still used in background checking.
Right before Iran was occupied by British and Russian forces in 1941, Ayrom had left for Germany. After the fall of Nazi regime, he went to Austria and died on March 31, 1948 in Liechtenstein.

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