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Iran Ships Opium To Japan

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December, 29, 1937 A.D.:
Iran Ships Opium To Japan

By: Mir M.Hosseini

At the League of Nations, the Chinese representative, submits a complaint accusing Japan of importing tens of tons of opium from Iran and distributing it in China. The claim was backed by documents showing that 109 tons of raw opium was shipped from Iran on Dec, 29 followed by a shipment of 82 tons in March, 17, 1938 from Bushehr port. Japan was accused of selling Iranian opium to the Chinese in order to help pay for the war with China !
Iran was turned into a vast market for opium as a part of colonial policy to keep people pacified while their wealth was being stolen. The colonists not only distributed opium for free but they also helped with the know-how of growing poppy. Moreover, the burnt leftover of opium after smoking was bought back from addicts in order to make them think they're generating some sort of income.
On the other hand, growing real necessities in Iran was not that easy. Kashefossaltaneh succeeded in smuggling tea seeds into Iran by hiding them inside his walking stick after being caught several times by the British border guards. It's been claimed that his death in a traffic accident was actually caused by a bullet in his head.

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