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Post Office Building Completed

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July, 29, 1933 A.D.:
Post Office Building Completed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Iran's national postal services started in the new central office building in Tehran. The construction was completed in 6 years.
Iran was the first country to have a nationwide postal service in history at the time of Dariush the great where Iranian borders extended from Indus to Africa. This became a model for other nations. However, due to centuries of colonization and a selfish policy observed by industrialized countries, a third world phenomenon occurred that stripped nations of their basic rights.
Reza Shah of Pahlavi dynasty was the man who tried hard to modernize the country after centuries of absurdity in Qajar dynasty. But he soon became a thorn in the eye of the old fox (Britain) and bear (Russia). Thus the WWII became an alibi for them to invade Iran in 1941 and overthrow him.
Today, Tehran's postal services is divided into 9 districts and has a workforce of 4000+ people.

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