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Hossein Becomes King

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August, 14, 1694 A.D.:
Hossein Becomes King

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Sultan Hossein, the eldest son of the deceased king Shah Soleyman was announced the new Safavid king. In his last will, Shah Soleyman who ruled the country for more than 28 years had asked Morteza, the younger son to become king. This was mainly due to the soft temper of Hossein, and the fact that he was a lazy person. But the royal court was already corrupt and the Vezir who wished to have a more controllable person in charge decided to ignore the shah's wish and chose Morteza. In this lobby, so to say the role of harem had been significant. The events that followed led to total decomposition of the great Safavid dynasty to the extent that a group of bandits leaded by Mir Mahmoud Ghandahari could occupy Kerman in 1709 and 1711 without being punished. This encouraged Mir Mahmoud to occupy the capital Isfahan in 1713 with a small army and put and end to the Safavid dynasty. It's been recorded that he sent spies to Isfahan before the attack in order to learn what was going on. The coming reports indicated such a corrupt administration that even though the country was under attack, top clerics and officials were busy entertaining themselves or discussing unnecessary issues that left the capital virtually defenseless.
This is a great lesson from history on what may happen to an empire if pride and personal goals overcome national interests.

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