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Farakhtay Turks Capture Kerman

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August, 16, 1227 A.D.:
Farakhtay Turks Capture Kerman

By: Mir M.Hosseini

During the savage conquest of Chengiz Khan in Persia and on top of the miseries suffered by Bukhara, Samarkand, Toos, Neishabour, Herat and all other small and big cities burning in smoke, while the soil was soaking with blood of civilians, Jalaladdin Kharazmshah had to deal with the faithlessness and disloyalty of Buragh Ḥajeb who announced himself the king of Kerman and the new Farakhtay dynasty. When he gets the news, Jalaladdin reached Kerman from Georgia in a record 17 days but he somehow came to terms with Buragh who had already gained both Mongol's and Caliph's support. Four years later, Jalaladdin's brother Ghiysoddin who claimed the throne went to Kerman to gain Buragh's support. Buragh accepts the deal setting forth a precondition; to marry his mother. Such marriages has always been a method for claiming royal blood and hence credibility. He then kills both mother and her son for conspiracy before he died in 1235.

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