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Soviets Play Game Of Geography

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January, 1, 1925 A.D.:
Soviets Play Game Of Geography

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Three years after Russia became the Soviet Union, it was announced that Marv, Bukhara and other northeastern regions of the greater Khorasan that were indeed the cradle of Persian culture, history, and literature were kept Tajiks in the Badakhshan region to be separated from mainland. The idea was to prevent the desire of people with the same culture to reunite. The USSR later announced creation of the Azerbaijan Republic in the Aran region of southern Caucasia. 65 years later, these regions declared independence thus rendering the Soviet calculations obsolete. On the other hand, as Georgia, Ukraine and Kirgizstan approach west, Russia is turning into a critical region of conflicts.
The Turkmenchai and Gulistan treaties enforced on the Iranian nation during Qajar dynasty separated Transcaucasia from Iran, although they do not have a legal stance right now. At present, the Iranian foreign diplomacy is living a very self observed period incapable to even guarantee the %50 share of the Caspian sea foreseen in those agreements.

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