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23 Pishevari Officers Executed

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January, 2, 1947 A.D.:
23 Pishevari Officers Executed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

23 separatist officers that had staged an armed uprising were executed. Soviet troops that were illegally inside the Iranian soil supplied them with training and arms. Because of the presence of the Soviet units, the Iranian army could not enter the region and had to take the matter to the UN. The Soviet leader Stalin was a dictator with expansionist dreams and was trying to reach the Mediterranean Sea through inciting revolts and creating proxy states in the region; and these were satellite blocs Russia was forming on her borders.
Finally on Dec, 12, 1946, the Iranian army entered Azerbaijan and the traitors were arrested and were brought before a tribunal four days later. The court ordered execution of the officers. Their charges were treason, conspiracy against sovereignty of the country and cooperating with foreign elements. The court was not as harsh on civilians. From 148 people arrested, only three people faced capital punishment. All others faced jail terms.
Leaders of the uprising were members of the new, separatist democratic party, an offshoot of the Tudeh Party. Ever since the Iranian Parliament rejected Russia's claim for oil rights in northern Iran and forbade any Government to negotiate such rights, Russia had been needling the Iranian government. The Azerbaijan revolt looked like the substitution of action for frustrated diplomacy.

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