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Sultan Hossein Ascends The Throne

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August, 6, 1694 A.D.:
Sultan Hossein Ascends The Throne

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On his dead bed, Shah Soleyman asked the royal Safavi court to choose one of his two sons Hossein or Abbas as his successor. Hossein who had a reputation for being easy-going and had little interest in political affairs was a more attractive choice for the corrupt administration, thus he ascended the throne. He soon became addicted to alcohol and opium and spent most of his time inside his harem.
Sultan Hossein did not have the necessary capabilities of a king and was confronted by rebellions resulting from his religious policy which promoted Shiite sect and had little tolerance towards minorities. Forced conversions to Shiite Islam led to revolts in many provinces. But the main threat was to come from Mahmoud Ghandahari who captured Isfahan after a brief siege and dethroned him in 1722, thus ending the glorious Safavid dynasty. Sultan Hossein's unfortunate destiny continued in captivity and seeing massacre of his family one by one. After Mahmoud's death, Ashraf came to power and cut Sultan's head off thus ending his miserable life in 1726.

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