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Ottomans And Russians Divide Iran

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October, 4, 1724 A.D.:
Ottomans And Russians Divide Iran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After the fall of the Safavid Empire and during a period of chaos inside Iran, Russians and Ottomans capture northern Iranian territories. Negotiations started between the two states on Jan, 15, 1724. With French ambassador's mediation an agreement was reached on June, 24th by which Ottomans took Georgia, Shirvan and Azerbaijan including Tabriz, Urmia, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Nakhjevan and Erivan while Russians took control of Caspian provinces of Guilan and Mazandaran.
If Tahmasp 2 accepted this agreement, they'd recognize him as the Shah of Iran and Russian would help him push Afghan intruders out of Iran. At first both parties seemed to be satisfied with the deal at Iran's expense, but when Ashraf Afghan's army attacked Ottomans near Hamedan and offered to support Sunni Islam in Iran, a peace settlement was reached in Hamedan on Oct, 4, 1727 according to which the Ottomans recognized Ashraf as the Shah of Iran as he honored terms of the treaty between Russians and Ottomans. But soon tables turned and Nader Shah was to become the deliverer of Iran.

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