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Baghdad Under Nader Siege

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January, 12, 1733 A.D.:
Baghdad Under Nader Siege

By: Mir M.Hosseini

One of Nader's interesting tactics was to take the war outside Iran by threatening Ottomans inside their own field territory. Nader commanded restless cavalry units that could pass deserts and mountains at an incredible speed of 100 kilometers per day. This way he could secure strongholds while his heavy artillery units arrived. When he showed up near Baghdad, he took the Ottomans by surprise. Before laying siege on Baghdad on Jan, 12, 1733, he had taken Kerkuk and Erbil.
However the governor of Baghdad was a wise man who asked him to wait until he received instructions from his court. In fact, he was waiting for troops from Van, Erivan, and Tbilisi who were headed by Osman Pasha. In a fierce battle between the two armies, Iranians were defeated on Jul, 20, 1733. Nader did not know the terrain well and he could hardly save his life after he lost two horses in the battlefield. He lost all his supplies and ammunition and Kerkuk was lost to Ottomans.
But Nader was no ordinary man. He had great ambitions and dedicated his life to those great goals with tremendous energy and vitality, thus; every defeat paved the way for a victory for him. While the Ottomans were celebrating their victory, he was somehow satisfied with taking the war outside Iranian borders. Nader soon started reforming his army to take Baghdad under siege again.

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