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The End Of Cold War Between Iran And USSR

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March, 27, 1962 A.D.:
The End Of Cold War Between Iran And USSR

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Just 2 years before, on March, 27, 1960 media wars had begun between USSR and Iran. After Iran's alliance with the west and becoming close friends with the US, the Soviets' propaganda machine took the issue too seriously and even installed huge loudspeakers at the northern borders to deliver radio messages against Iran's regime. Meanwhile Iran's radio was broadcasting news against the Soviet Union. Fortunately, the administration in Tehran was not as cocky as its western allies. Having the experience of great empire diplomacy for thousands of years, Dr. Ali Amini, the Iranian prime minister delivered a speech in which he expressed Iran's willingness to have friendly relations with the USSR and that Iran would not make decisions against it's national benefits; thus putting an end to the two years of bullying.

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