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Alparslan Ascends The Throne

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April, 27, 1064 A.D.:
Alparslan Ascends The Throne

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After his uncle Toghrol died, he contested his brother Soleyman and ascended the throne. Alparslan was the son of Chaghri Beyk, the governor of Khorasan and took the name Mohammad when he embraced Islam. Because of his valor and fighting skills he took the name Alparslan which means brave lion. He called himself Sultan and became the sole monarch of Persia from the river Oxus to the Tigris, in which his Persian Vezir named Nazemolmolk assisted.
After sacking Cappadocia, Armenia and Georgia, he attacked the Byzantine empire. In the famous battle of Manzikert, he defeated the Roman emperor Romanus IV who was taken prisoner, blinded and died in exile. The victory at Manzikert was the beginning of Turkish ascendancy in Anatolia. Alparslan died in 1072.

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