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Historian Ahmad Kasravi murdered

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March, 11, 1946 A.D.:
Historian Ahmad Kasravi murdered

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The famous Iranian historian Ahmad Kasravi and his assistant were stabbed to death at the Tehran courtyard. A plea by clerics against Kasravi was being proceeded when two of members of an extremist Islamic group attacked him with knives. On July, 17, 1951, Navvab Safavi and 3 other fellow members that took part in the assassination plot were condemned to death and executed 2 days later.
Born on Sep, 30, 1890 in Tabriz, Ahmad Kasravi served as a government official for some time and started writing books after he resigned from the ministry of justice in 1932. Most of his books were about social and historical issues and probably his most remarkable work was The History of Constitutional Movement. He was a secular researcher but he angered the Islamic hardliners by revealing their negative role in development of the Iranian society.
The same hardliner organization named Fadayian-e-Eslam was responsible for assassination of officials such as Hajir, Ala, Razmara, and Mansour. After the Islamic revolution, Kasravi's murderer was called martyr and a street in Tehran was named after him. Another such absurd action was naming another street after the murderer of the Egyptian president Anvar Sadat which caused Egypt to cut diplomatic ties with Iran, a very unfortunate incident in the face of the Iranian history.

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