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Iran Offers Alliance To Britain

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February, 1, 1940 A.D.:
Iran Offers Alliance To Britain

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On Feb, 1, 1940, the Iranian Minister of War secretly proposed a joint military operation against the Bolsheviks. In a telegraph sent to the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Horace Seymour, the Minister Plenipotentiary to Iran, it was conveyed that an attack from Russians could be eminent and although the proposal seemed to be without Reza Shah's consent, the Iranian minister asked for British help in modernizing the Persian army. However, the response received on Feb, 9 was negative, stating that; "At this point it is not necessary or suitable to answer this proposal because Iran will be a trouble-making ally for Britain." The British foreign ministry added that, Britain may be able to deploy troops to northern Iraq and even help bomb Baku but if Tehran came under attack, it would be impossible for them to send infantry units there.
Reza Shah had been playing Britain and Russia against each other for a long time and he was trying to play his cards as best as he could to get a modern air force. However, his worst dream came true and the two enemies of Iran made an agreement to invade Iran simultaneously in Aug, 1941.

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