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Iran Declares War On Germany

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September, 9, 1943 A.D.:
Iran Declares War On Germany

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Despite Iran's neutrality at war, UK and USSR forces invaded Iran in August 1941. On Aug, 24, one day before the invasion, a British destroyer enters the Persian Gulf declaring that it needed supplies. Welcomed by the Iranian naval units, the captain of the Palang battleship offers help with great hospitality just to see that the following day at dawn it was being bombed by the British navy.
The occupation forces deposed Reza Shah and pressure Iran to declare war on Germany. Twenty years of friendly relationship with Germany thus came to an end on Aug, 9, 1943. Iran had to cut diplomatic ties with Japan for the same reasons in March and on April, 13 officially announced the decision to the Japan Ambassador to Tehran. On July, 5th Iran announced willingness to join the League Of Nations.

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