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Reza Shah Resigns

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September, 16, 1941 A.D.:
Reza Shah Resigns

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Reza Shah signs his resignation letter prepared by PM Foroughi in which he declared that due to his age, he though that a younger person, namely his son would be better for the job. In fact neither the British nor the Soviets wanted him because of his tendencies towards Germans. The B.B.C. radio had started a propaganda campaign against the Shah. In daily broadcasts he was pictured as a dictator who treated people with contempt, who did not pay attention to agriculture and that he seized people's property by force.
Foroughi personally went to both British and Soviet embassies to show the letter. The English ambassador replied that he was OK with Reza Shah's resignation but for his son Mohammad Reza as the new Shah, he had to get approval from London.
Majlis briefly ratified Reza Shah's resignation after which he left Tehran for Isfahan. This swiftness somehow got the British by surprise and although the reply which came from London three days later opposed Mohammad Reza's reign, it was just too late and the British ambassador notified London of possible chaos.
After Isfahan, Reza Pahlavi went to Yazd, then Kerman and finally Bandar Abbas where boarded a ship that took him to the Maurice Island. In several letters to his son, the deposed Shah expressed his unhappiness with his situation and that he proffered death. In September 1942, he was taken to Johannesburg in South Africa where he stayed for 22 months. He finally died of a heart attack on the morning of July, 26, 1944.

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