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U.S. Files Complaint Against Iran

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January, 4, 1980 A.D.:
U.S. Files Complaint Against Iran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The United Nations received a complaint submitted by the United States. Iranians' demand for extradition of the deposed Shah and seizure of the US embassy in Tehran were debated in the UN General Assembly and the UNSC. The two bodies condemned in principle the violation of diplomatic immunity. US also initiated proceedings against Iran in the International Court of Justice. Shortly after, US, members of NATO and Japan imposed an economic boycott on Iran. Iran refused to comply; dismissing such actions as futile, holding on to Americans detained during the raid by a group who called themselves Students in the Path of Imam. This incident marked a climax in tensions between US and Iran known as the Hostage Crisis.
The US attempted to free the hostages by means of an airborne commando raid in April, 1980. The Operation Eagle was a failure. Mohammad Reza Shah's death on July, 30 voided Iran's demand for his extradition but it did not put an end to the Hostage Crisis. The crisis was finally resolved by mediation of the Algerian government.
The instability in Iran and the weakening of Iran's armed forces and cancellation of friendship treaties with the US and USSR encouraged Saddam Hussein to denounce the Algiers treaty in 1975. On September, 20, 1980 Iraqi troops invaded Iran. Eight years of war was only one of the bills Iranians had to pay at the cost of world leaders' stubbornness and ignorance!
The American Embassy complex in Taleghani Ave in Tehran was called the Spy Den. Although the staff had shred secret documents, Iranian students started putting them back together. Although the CIA backed coup d'etat of 1953 was the historical proof of American covert activities in Iran, new findings revealed more acts of espionage and hostility towards the Iran regime.
Even since, US lost the privilege of diplomatic representation in Iran.

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