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US Approves Iran Aid Package

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March, 10, 1942 A.D.:
US Approves Iran Aid Package

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The United States found Iran eligible for a loan and lease program. Iran also demanded sending American military advisors in order to improve the Gendarmerie and Armed Forces. On March, 20th, Iran's Minister Plenipotentiary in Washington sent an official note to the Secretary of State declaring willingness to employ American advisors in Iran's Ministry of War. The US examined the case and found it a good opportunity to improve friendship ties with Iran.
Public opinion also supported such a move because of mistrust towards Russia and Britain. US also sought the opportunity to gain some benefits and improve her situation in the Middle East. In general, the US policy was to help improve the unstable situation of the Iranian government and wanted to give necessary aid to Iran. Indeed US provided aids that were above requests and expectations. The US government deployed two military missions to renew the military organization in Iran.
The first mission was headed by General Greely. An executive agreement was made on Nov, 27, 1943 between the two states giving the American advisors the official status to be able to help reorganize the Iranian Gendarmerie. General Norman Schwarzkopf was at the head of the second mission for which a similar agreement was made. The executive order gave the American head of the mission under supervision of the US Secretary of State to choose, hire or fire Iranian officers by Shah's consent. The agreement obliged the missions to keep confidential secret information that they were gaining access to, moreover, the Iranian government reserved the right to dismiss these missions whenever they were seen interfering in internal affairs or acting against the law.
These agreements gave a new status to about 30,000 American soldiers who were present in Iran since 1942. Timmerman was a civilian American citizen who was sent as an advisor for the police department but his sudden death on May, 20, 1944 ended his mission and nobody else was replaced after him.

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