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Sardasht, Chemical Hiroshima

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June, 28, 1987 A.D.:
Sardasht, Chemical Hiroshima

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Sardasht should be registered in human history just like Hiroshima as a city who became victim of weapons of mass destruction. Sardasht was the first city where nerve gas was used that killed civilians. On June, 28, 1987, the city of Sardasht and its neighboring villages became target of chemical bombs at 4:30 PM. Iraq was at the verge of losing the war at the battlefields and with support from U.S. , European and Arab countries latest technology of WMD was being transferred to the notorious regime of Saddam Hussein who was not afraid of trying them on civilians. 110 people were killed in two the attacks that continued the next day, but the real toll is much higher; about 5000 people who were thus exposed to chemical weapons have been suffering ever since. Some of victims spent the rest of their lives in hospital suffering from damages cause to their respiratory systems.
After this attack, the international community was dead silent until the following year when the Baath regime bombarded Halapcha on March, 16, 1988. In that attack 5000 thousand Iraqi people were killed, mostly Kurdish women and children. It is also estimated that a further 7,000 people were injured or suffered long term illness. The chemical weapons had been presented to Iraq by European countries and a Dutch middleman who lived in Italy, escaped to Iraq in 1989. Short after he was arrested in Dec, 6, 2004, it was announced that he worked for the intelligence service of Netherlands.

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