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UN Resolution Registers "The Persian Gulf"

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August, 10, 1984 A.D.:
UN Resolution Registers "The Persian Gulf"

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Following the resolution # UNAD Qen/311 on March, 5, 1971, the United Nations votes on a second resolution # UNLA 45-8-2 on Aug, 10, 1984 to register the name "Persian Gulf" as the correct name for the area surrounded by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. Since Pythagoras's expedition in 570 B.C., it has been called the Persian Gulf.
But starting from 1960's and the colonial' policy of "divide and rule", pan-Arabism has led to attempts by neighboring countries to change the name of the Persian Gulf . In Turkey, they call it Basra Gulf.
It seems that Iranian authorities currently do not have what it takes to guard Iran's national heritage but it's also important for individuals to understand the truth and why Iranians are sensitive regarding fake names.

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