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Toodeh Becomes Democrat Party

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October, 17, 1946 A.D.:
Toodeh Becomes Democrat Party

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Toodeh Party announced its dissolution in favor of the Azerbaijan Democrat Party, a separatist group supported by USSR. The separatist party's declaration on Sep, 3, asked for independence of Azerbaijan. The leaders of this party were actually the old communists of the Toodeh Party who were forced to flee the country when Reza Shah was in power.
Bolsheviks started distributing arms among separatist militants and Caucasian immigrants on Nov, 15. With help from the Red Army, the Tabriz garrison was seized. The following day, the Democrat Party organized demonstrations against the central government. On the same day, Sarab was occupied. Miyaneh fell on Nov, 18. Tehran deployed an army division to the region but it was stopped by the Red Army in Sharifabad of Qazvin.
The separatists sent a telegraph to Tehran with their demands that were mostly comprised of colorful slogans of democracy and independence. Tehran appointed the former PM Morteza Gholi Bayat as the governor on Nov, 28. With broad authorities, Bayat arrived in Tabriz on Dec, 1 but his negotiations were fruitless and he had to return to Tehran.
By Dec, 12, Democrat Party had its own national parliament and all government buildings besides Gendarmerie and police stations were under their control. On the same day, the government of Azerbaijan was formed headed by Pishevari. A covert agent who had fled to Russia in 1920 after his attempts to create a puppet republic in Guilan failed.
Bolsheviks were playing a sinister scenario to separate Azerbaijan from Iran by installing a puppet regime to take full control of North Oil fields; a plan that was destined to fail and reveal the truth behind the Toodeh Party.

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