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Soviets Flame Separatism In Kurdistan

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January, 11, 1946 A.D.:
Soviets Flame Separatism In Kurdistan

By: Mir M.Hosseini

In March 1945, several Iranian Gendarmerie units were killed near Mahabad and additional troops were deployed from Tehran. Soviet occupation did not let the Iranian army proceed through southern Kurdistan. They suggested that troops be deployed from Tabriz. Their aim was to weaken Iranian military presence in Azerbaijan where they were supporting another separatist movement; Democrats of Azarbaijan.
In Sep, 1945, Kurdish separatist leaders headed by Mohammad Qazi were invited to a conference in Baku and received full support and guidelines from Soviet authorities.
Soviets were planning to create an independent Kurdistan in the border area; in order to weaken Iran, Turkey and Iraq. In mid December, the National Kurdish Parliament in Mahabad was founded. Molla Mostafa Barzani and 3000 of his militia had arrived from Iraq and settled near the Rezaiyeh Lake in order to support the separatist Democrat movement. On Jan, 11, 1946, the Democrat Party of Kurdistan declared independence.
However, relations between the Turkish Democrat Party and its Kurdish counterpart were soon shattered by disputes over ownership of the cities of Khoy, Rezaiyeh and Shapour. With Soviet intermediation, a meeting was arranged between the Kurdish and Turkish Democrat leaders and on April, 23, 1946, the two sides reached an agreement. Thus they shaped a sinister plan to divide Iran.
Observers of the time agree on the fact that the Tsarist Russia never considered a future for Persia unless all Northern provinces of Azerbaijan, Mazandaran, Guilan and Khorasan were annexed. The same greed resurfaced after the Bolshevik revolution and it found its way through regional ethnic power struggles. The post WWII chaos was seen as an opportunity to divide the world among Allied Powers.
Fortunately, such separatist groups did not find popular support in Iran and with the first blow, they disappeared.

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