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Prime Minister Hakimi Resigns

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January, 20, 1946 A.D.:
Prime Minister Hakimi Resigns

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After the end of the World War II, the Allied Powers did not want to end their occupation of Iran. Ebrahim Hakimi was forced to resign on Jan, 20, 1946. When he presented the Tripartite Commission offer to the parliament, the representatives were united against a new British scenario that was taking place and rejected the offer overwhelmingly. Headed by Mosaddegh, they also criticized Hamiki for accepting or even considering the offer which was a called new form of the disgraceful 1907 agreement. Just a day before his resignation, Hassan Taghizadeh, the Iranian ambassador to London submitted a letter to the UNSC committee. He was demanding the UN to deal with Iran's issue because it could lead to an international conflict.
Premiership of Ghavamossaltaneh was approved by the parliament on Jan, 26, with only 51 votes in his favor while 50 representatives voted against him. Being a Qajar prince, Ghavamossaltaneh was a big landowner and was disliked by the Toodeh Party. During his term as Prime Minister between 1921-1923, he had suppressed the Jungle Movement. He was the mastermind of the plan to use USA, as the third balancing power against UK and USSR during his previous term between 1942-1943.
Iran thus pursued her complaint against the Soviets with the UN because USSR was using every opportunity to weaken the central government of Iran since the day the Red Army entered the Iranian territory. On Jan, 24, USSR announced that the issue is not within UN authorities. Two days later, Taghizadeh resubmitted the complaint backed by a document showing that on Nov, 26, 1945, the Soviets had officially prevented a column of 1200 Iranian soldiers near Sharifabad of Qazvin who were dispatched to take the unrest in Azerbaijan and Kurdistan under control.
Months later, the serial numbers on the weapons seized from Democrat Party militia who created the unrest in Kurdistan and Azerbaijan matched those confiscated by the Soviet army from Iranian Barracks.
Mohammad Reza Shah as a puppet king did not have much power but most Iranians apart from Toodeh sympathizers wanted all foreign soldiers out.

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