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Pishevari Arrives In Tehran

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April, 28, 1946 A.D.:
Pishevari Arrives In Tehran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Jafar Pishevari, the leader of the Democrat Party arrived in Tehran as the head of the Independent Azerbaijan government for negotiations with Ghavamossaltaneh on April, 28, 1946. Following a declaration signed by Ghavamossaltaneh and Ivan Sadchikov in April, 4, 1946, on Apr, 22, in a official declaration, Tehran expressed willingness to resolve the unrest in Azerbaijan by means of bilateral talks. Democrats of Azerbaijan were in fact a paramilitary junta installed and supported by the Red Army. Moscow was using Pishevari to push its own agenda which was obtaining North Oil concessions by all means and subsequently keeping soldiers in Iran to protect their interests at all costs to Iranian people. Well organized Toodeh Party and its supporters were playing a major role in this scenario.
Jafar Pishevari arrived in Tehran as the head of a delegation representing the Azerbaijan Republic. The negotiations had no outcome after two weeks when Pishevari insisted on retaining his own army, otherwise Tehran had accepted most of his terms giving Azerbaijan autonomy in many ways. Pishevari left Tehran empty handed.
On June, 11, a joint political and military delegate arrived in Azerbaijan to continue negotiations. Two days later, a draft was agreed upon between Pishevari and Firooz to be ratified by the next 15th parliament.
The British were not happy with increasing Soviet influence in Iran but were also reluctant to support Iran's complaint with the U.N. against U.S.S.R. until on May, 1, the Labor Day became the scene of vast demonstrations organized by Toodeh Party in Abadan. Although these demonstrations were peaceful, it gave UK an alarming signal that changed British attitude towards Iran as their interests in South Oil fields were in danger.

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