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Majlis Fifth Term Begins

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February, 11, 1924 A.D.:
Majlis Fifth Term Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Persian legislative election of 1923 was held in November 1923 after the appointment of Reza Pahlavi as Prime Minister by Ahmad Shah Qajar. It was the last election in the Qajar Dynasty. Parliament opened on 11 February 1924.
The fifth Majlis was convened on Feb, 11, 1924. Majlis became the scene of some of hottest debates in its history as it was preparing to put an end to the notorious Qajar Dynasty. On Oct, 31, 1925, a draft was signed that dethroned Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king and Reza Khan was appointed as the head of the state.
On Dec, 12, 1925 Reza Khan became Reza Shah, he was declared king and thus began the Pahlavi Dynasty. Public opinion was in favor of forming a republic at the time but Reza Shah's ambitions to become king and some religious fanatics changed the course of the Iranian history.
Fifth Majlis also succeeded in passing the following important bills including : exemption of agricultural and industrial machinery from customs and taxes in an attempt to instigate development, a general commercial law, and the bill of military conscription.
Reza Shah's coronation ceremony took place on Apr, 25, 1926.

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