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Majlis Seventh Term Begins

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October, 6, 1928 A.D.:
Majlis Seventh Term Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The first assembly of the 7th Majlis took place on October, 6, 1928. One of the most important steps taken by the previous Majlis was the bill related to founding Iran's first national bank, with the aim of nationalization of the finance sector. The Imperial Bank of Persia which was owned by the British had been authorized to do all banking across Iran including issuing bank notes. Majlis thus gave Bank Melli of Iran the authorization to issue currency. However, implementation was not easy as the British protested. They were compensated with an amount of 200,000 Sterlings and were given the right to keep their bank and its branches across Iran.
Majlis also passed a bill that banned all kinds of slave trade within Iranian territory. Any such act would be punished and any slave that entered Iran would be automatically liberated. Little is know about circumstances of the time that made Majlis pass such a bill but the European practice that changed the course of history in many places including the whole African continent was drawing an ire worldwide. Slavery has always been seen as an inhumane practice throughout Persian history. Except the times when Iran came under foreign control; Arab, Macedonian, and Mongol invasion, slavery was seen as a sin.
Seventh Majlis was finally dissolved on Nov, 5, 1930.

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