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Majlis Eighth Term Begins

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December, 15, 1930 A.D.:
Majlis Eighth Term Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The decree for parliament elections was issued on June, 3, 1930. The first assembly of the 8th Majlis took place on Dec, 15, 1930. Adlolmolk Dadgar was the head of the parliament.
Probably, the most difficult issues facing Iranian nation was getting rid of concessions that practically gave foreign nations rights to plunder Iran's wealth. One of such cases was the infamous D'Arcy agreement signed in May, 28, 1901 according to which production and sales rights of oil was given to William Knox D'Arcy for a period of 60 years. Mehdi Hedayat was the prime minister whose Minster of Treasury presented a draft to Majlis for cancellation of the D'Arcy agreement. This bill was passed and the government was given the permission to terminate the D'Arcy treaty.
Other important events in Eighth term were :
-A fire broke out during this term in the building.
-Majlis gave the government was given exclusive rights for foreign trade on Feb, 25, 1931.
-Law for repossession of India-Europe telegraph line by Iran.
-Law to divide the Ministry of Economy into three divisions of commerce, agriculture and industry.
-Law covering entrance and residence of foreign nationals to Iran on May, 10, 1931.
The last session of the parliament took place on Dec, 29, 1932 and by Reza Shah's decree, Majlis 8th term dissolved on Jan, 14, 1933.

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