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Majlis Tenth Term Begins

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June, 15, 1935 A.D.:
Majlis Tenth Term Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The head of the parliament in an official letter to the government on June, 15, 1935 announced that 3/4 of all deputies attended the assembly on Thursday, June, 13. The letter from the head of the legislation body to the executive body is part of a formality.
The United States was observing an approaching policy towards Iran. Iran also needed a balancing third power to play against influential UK and USSR. Thus the two countries entered a joint venture. As it was a foreign deal, parliament approval was needed. Thus, Majlis granted a license for exploration and sales of petroleum in the eastern region to Amiranian Oil Company.
Another important issue was a bill regarding foundation of Iran State Railways. A project that in West was regarded as one of Reza Shah's great ambitions. The great Trans-Iranian Railway project was only financed by adding a small tax on sugar and tea and was completed in a very short time.
A non-aggression pact between Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iraq was negotiated in the tenth term.
The tenth Majlis ended on June, 12, 1937.

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