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Moshiroddoleh Appointed Vezir

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August, 1, 1906 A.D.:
Moshiroddoleh Appointed Vezir

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Moshiroddoleh was given the role of mediator during the Constitutional Monarchy Movement. When Einoddoleh was dismissed from duty on July, 29 by Mozaffaroddin Shah, he was the best candidate agreed upon to become the new Prime Minister. Moshiroddoleh also succeeded in terminating a refuge by the revolutionaries at the British Embassy. He freed political prisoners and asked the clerics who had fled to Tabriz to return to Tehran.
On Oct, 7, he formed Iran's first legitimate government approved by Majlis. After Mozaffaroddin Shah's death, he was the person who crowned Mohammad Ali Shah on Jan, 20, 1907. However, he was incapable of resisting the new king's dictatorship and submitted his resignation on March, 17.
Moshiroddoleh's sudden death on Sep, 14, 1907, only two days after Atabak's death raised suspicions at the time. He was a powerful candidate to become Prime Minister.

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