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Mohammad Ali Shah Crowned

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January, 20, 1907 A.D.:
Mohammad Ali Shah Crowned

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After Mozaffaroddin Shah passed away, his son Mohammad Ali Shah was crowned by Prime Minister Moshiroddoleh. Shah did not invite Majlis representatives to his coronation ceremony, thus showing his unwillingness to accept Constitutional Monarchy and cooperate with the parliament. After he guaranteed support from Russia, he killed, imprisoned and harassed the revolutionaries and left Moshiroddoleh no other choice but resignation.
Later, Resistance centers took shape in Tabriz and Gilan. With support from Bakhtiar and Dashnak tribes, revolutionaries took Tehran and Mohammad Ali Shah sought refuge at the Russian Embassy. Then he fled the country and his son Ahmad Shah was appointed by Majlis as the king and a monthly salary was assigned for the deposed Shah. But Mohammad Ali Shah gathered an army with Russian help and attacked the country. He was defeated and fled to Europe.
He died in Savona, Italy in 1925; his son Ahmad Shah was the last sovereign of the Qajar Dynasty.

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